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When I'm not holding my pen, am telling stories. I'm the girl that eves drops on conversations, plot fights (aah this ones 😁) just to find that one sparkle of humor, pain , sadness, sarcasm and anything else I can pen down. I'm always listening from a distance,trying to act so unbothered mostly chewing hard on a gum. For me writing is therapeutic, it is the way I express the festivals and battles on my inside. It is my third eye. When words are scratched on the walls of my soul, I feel a rush of adrenaline and I am coarced to stop all that am doing and pay attention to my pen. By now you already know my pen is a sanguine. It's a short, light-skin woman with big eyes and hair caught in a bun with well laid edges. That's how this annoying girlfriends look right?😁. But it takes care of me and so naturally, I quite frequently submit to my pen. Kenyada.

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  • brother-peter brother-peter

    2020-05-23 02:03:14
    Campus Tales

    Brother Peter


    Hey gang! So you guys remember the last story, read here, was supposed to be the last one the Campus tale series? Well guess what, we have one more story to close this chapter. It is also our first time to host a guest blogger.(yeey!) Gang, meet Kiiru Macharia, one of the best writer on these streets. You guys know him right? Because you should. Well, if not, you are just about to, sit tight.

  • why why

    2020-05-04 01:15:46
    Campus Tales



    She was lying in bed trying to catch at least one hour of sleep. It’s the least she could do after having to sit her behind in a car’s seat for about 9 hours. Besides, she had a whole night of wildness ahead of her.

  • lilongwe lilongwe

    2020-04-10 05:51:10
    Campus Tales


    So I appeal to you dear reader, to take up the challenge to be the only representation of yourself and to not delay to let that be known by those that think and feel they should define you. This is important especially now when cyberbullying and trolling is a common trend. Remember, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent, Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • an-ounce-of-strength an-ounce-of-strength

    2020-04-03 05:17:17
    People & their Stories

    An Ounce of Strength

    She was sitting one of those green metallic seats in the student center gobbling her first meal of the day, or maybe her only meal- 'chapati chafua'.

  • the-journey-of-loving-the-sun the-journey-of-loving-the-sun

    2020-04-03 05:13:40

    The Journey of Loving the Sun.

    My name is Faraja, I am currently 39. Of course, I have not always been 39. I was once 12 but between 16 to 36 is the reason I have gathered all of you here.

  • one-last-night-stand one-last-night-stand

    2020-04-03 05:10:27

    One last night stand

    You are in the club cuddling a glass of exotic whiskey, it's not your regular joint, you are not supposed to be here. If anything, you were to spend the night at a girlfriend's place catching up.

  • that-pain-demands-to-be-felt-that-much-is-true that-pain-demands-to-be-felt-that-much-is-true

    2020-04-03 05:08:38
    People & their Stories

    That Pain Demands to be Felt, that Much is True.

    I grew up around a lot of noise, from the Children’s home that also doubled as my home, to the school.

  • teresa-and-terry teresa-and-terry

    2020-04-03 05:02:39
    Campus Tales

    Teresa and Terry

    I’m lying on the table, dressed in an oversized blue gown. My knees are bent and my legs positioned wide apart.

  • the-nine the-nine

    2020-03-06 00:03:55
    Campus Tales

    The Nine

    Do you believe one event in your life can change your entire narrative? You know the course of your history. Yes, no? Okay, maybe you, are thinking, well, that depends on how you take it.